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Individual rodeo results are posted after each event


Industry Hills February 23rd
12:00pm 1st go


Riverside Rancheros April 5th, Start Time 9:00am

Results to be posted soon.

Valley Center

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May 23rd & 24th

NPRA Entries

NPRA Printable Entry

(Local) Valley Center Entries

(Local) Valley Center Printable Entry

Rough Stock Entry

Industry Hills
(This is an open rodeo)
August 16th
Slack @ 11:00am
Rodeo @ 7:00pm

last season Results

NPRA Finals
Winchester Wild West Arena
November 1st.

last season Results

(Trophy/Secretary fees are per-person, if you sign up more than one person per entry you will be assessed the additional fee.
To avoid this make sure you do a separate transaction for each person. A stock fee of $5 has been added to each event).*All transactions include a $10.00 service fee. Date and times to be confirmed, and may be subject to change.

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