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The Cowboy, the Police Officer, Military and the Firefighter are all American Heroes. The NPRA is a non-profit organization of law enforcement officers and firefighters, dedicated to the Western lifestyle, and to preserving the traditional link between cowboys and cops. Now active and retired military and their families are also eligible to join!

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NPRA is a family organization. We bring together
members to compete in various rodeos around
California and Nevada, promoting wholesome values
in the spirit of friendly competition. Proceeds from our
rodeos are donated to charities that benefit
disabled children, such as NAHRA and Special
Olympics. Traditional rodeo events are featured
in performances, along with events not seen in the
PRCA. In addition to the usual bronc and bull riding,
calf roping, team roping, and barrel racing, we
showcase a number of non-traditional events which
allow family members of all ages to join in the fun.
While the crowd may laugh at the antics of calf
dressing, the competitors are deadly serious, and
they're in it to win!





This variation of steer wrestling allows non-mounted contestants to compete. The cowboy comes out of a bucking chute holding a steer by the horns. After crossing a line he flips the steer to the ground with all 4 feet in the air.


Commonly seen in high school and junior rodeos, a goat is tied to a stake. The cowgirl rides across the arena over a score line to the goat, dismounts, flanks and ties the goat in a manner similar to calf roping.


The steer/calf leaves the bucking chute, and a team of cowboys/cowgirls wrestle the animal long enough to put a pair of panties on it.


Barrel racing is a timed event. At a signal from the starter, the contestant will run to barrel #1, pass to the left of it and complete an approximately 360 degree turn around it, then go to barrel #2, pass to the right of it and complete a slightly more than a 360 degree turn around it, then go to barrel #3 pass to the right of it and do another approximately 360 degree turn around it and then sprint to the finish line.


Similar to calf roping, except the time stops when the rope
breaks away from the saddle horn, and rider does not dismount.


Contestant must rope calf, dismount, go down rope and throw calf by hand and cross and tie any three feet. Tie must hold and three legs remain crossed until passed on by the judge.


A version of calf roping with two cowboys assuming separate roles of roper and tier.


In this coed event, a mounted cowboy or cowgirl ropes a calf. His or her partner must then catch the calf, and remove a ribbon from its tail, running back across a score line. The kids like to get involved in this one. 


The first roper is the Header and catches the steer by the horns, the second roper is the heeler who catches the steer by the hind feet. Time will be taken when steer is roped and both horses are facing steer in line with ropes dallied and tight.


Just like the Open team roping the rules are the same, except the added requirement that each contestant must be at least 40 years or older.


Roper will start from head box. Time will stop when steer is facing horse and both are on all four feet.


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