Charleston South Carolina: Charleston Attractions Worth Seeing

Charleston appeals to every mood, every traveler, and every appetite. This is mainly because of the city’s welcoming nature and its warm sunny weather. The city has a collection of beautiful attractions, beautiful activities and culinary spoils that can satisfy every appetite. Charleston is yours to explore. So read on to find why Charleston is worth visiting. Here are the best Charleston attractions worth seeing:

Angel Oak
This massive oak is more than 1500 years old and has survived many earthquakes and hurricanes. It has a height of 65 feet and a trunk which is 25 feet in circumference. The oak’s crooked and twisting limbs extend out over 160 feet and provide shade over more than 17,000 square feet earth. It is named after the family that used to own this John’s Island property and is a very beautiful piece of Charleston’s natural history.

South Carolina Aquarium
This aquarium will bring you into the coastal environment of Lowcountry and the wildlife found in this environment. It does this through salt march aviaries, wall aquarium tanks, touch tanks, and educational tours and programs.

Display themes here are categorized into each of the major geographic regions in South Carolina: Mountain Forest, Shark Shallows, Coastal Plain, Piedmont, Saltmarsh Aviary, Coast, the Touchtank, and Ocean.

South Carolina Aquarium is home to different species of songbirds, reptiles such as the Albino alligator, lemurs and freshwater and salt fish. The interactive touch tank and stingray tank give children an opportunity to hold starfish and horseshoe crabs, come ‘fingers to fins’ with sharks and feed stingrays in the aquarium.

Sullivan’s Island
Sullivan’s Island, which is an area beach that offers a quiet and relaxed setting which makes it attractive. It is popular mainly because of its smooth beaches, impressive beach homes and restaurants found on its main streets. Every beach station or beach access is numbered by a grey stone marker to make it easy to meet up with other groups.

Boone Hall Plantation
Boone Hall Plantation is one of the oldest working and living plantations. The plantation was established in 1681 and opened to the public in 1956. Many movies TV series have been shot at this place mainly because of the fact that most of the old slave cabins and historic buildings are still intact.

Touring this place will give you an opportunity to see the elegant house, tour the grounds and visit the extensive gardens and slave quarters.