NPRA Barstow Rodeo 2013 Friday 9/27 & Saturday 9/28
Marine Corp Stables - Yermo Marine Corp Base - Barstow, Ca Date: September 27th & 28th , 2013  
Marine Corp Stables- Stables @ Yermo Marine Corp Base 1-15 to Ghost Town Rd to Arena
Contestant: Address:
Phone# ALL ENTRIES MUST BE POST-MARKED BY:  September 07, 2013 Entry Fees
Event's Friday Show 7:30pm *  Saturday Slack 9am * Saturday Show 7:30pm NPRS Assoc Totals
Business Roping                    $40.00 $40.00  
Please ck if you are a  Roper(      ) Tier(         ) I will tie a 2nd time if needed   (Tied can't be calf Roper)  
Calf Roping                   $35.00 $50.00  
Chute Dogging                   $35.00 $50.00  
Goat Tying                   $35.00 $50.00  
Men's Breakaway                   $35.00 $50.00  
Open Team Roping                   $35.00 $50.00  
Partners: (1) (2)      
Ribbon Roping                   $40.00 $40.00  
Partners: (1) (2)      
Sr Team Roping                   $35.00 $50.00  
Partners: (1) (2)      
Steer Stopping                   $35.00 $50.00  
Woman's Barrels                    $35.00 $50.00  
Woman's Breakaway                  $35.00 $50.00  
(1) permit per season accepted for NPRA Rodeos.  Permit Fee $35.00 Permit Fee      
Judges Fee      $       5.00
Entry Fees  $ 
Send Check or Money Order to Address Listed Below Trophy Fees  $    12.00
NPRA  *  10272 Juniper Rd  * Oak Hills, Ca 92344  * 1-760-995-7210 Secretary Fee  $    10.00
                  Total Entry Fees  
Teams:  Please check with your partners prior to entering. If your partner(s) don't send in with you, you will be 
drawn up on another team where needed, unless the box is initialed.      INITIAL HERE  
I,the undersigned, hereby release NPRA, It's agents and employees & Yermo Marine Corp  and there help from any
and all property damage and/or personal injury liablitiy which may occur while at or competing in any NPRA event
from any cause, including neglect. I have entered of my own free will, and I am of sound mine and body, and I am
physcally fit to compete. Also release from liabilty George Ishman & Employee's & Alex Hauser & Employee's
  Name   Dept:      
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